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Fun & Games

The earliest years of your little ones life are the most important for brain development. A large proportion of today's learning difficulties and coordination problems are a direct result of a lack of the right stimulation and movement in these early years.

Animal Hoppers are a very special kind of toy because they facilitate play… and play is very important because it is how these little ones process information and make sense of the world. Bouncing Buddies are the perfect catalyst for hours of play and imagination – take our fun challenge and try some of our Fun Games and Imagination Builders:


Fun games


Get your toddler comfortable on their new Bouncing Buddy. See if they can bounce in a circle. Then a square. Then a triangle. Challenge them to bounce forwards and then backwards. See if they can bounce to the left, and then to the right. And once they have mastered all of these moves, give them a few simple sequences to try out. I.e. bounce in a circle, and then five bounces forward, three bounces to the left and finish with a triangle. Ready for the next game?



See if your little one can bounce to the music. Choose a lively song with a variation in rhythm. Can they keep up with the music? Challenge them to stop when the music stops, and to start again when you press play. This game becomes even more fun with friends. Try musical bouncers, so when the music stops swap Buddies. Who will be the last one bouncing?


This is where the real fun begins. Use your imagination to design the ultimate bouncing course for your child. Set instructions for each part of the course, i.e. stop on the line, bounce around the cushion or bounce over a sock. Once they master the course, introduce a stopwatch. And then put your imaginations together to redesign an even better course! 

*For all games, please ensure that you create a safe environment for your child to play and have fun - refer to warnings panel on Guarantee page for more details on safe bouncing.


Imagination builders


Ask your toddler… what does your Buddy get up to when you’re not around, i.e. at night when everyone is sleeping? If your Buddy could talk, what would they have to tell you? What does your Buddy like to eat – design an imaginary menu for them



Encourage your little one to learn more about their animal. Where does it come from? What does it eat and where does it sleep? Once they have gathered some interesting information, ask them to design a habitat for their Buddy using household items.



Ask your child to think about their favourite story, i.e. storybook or even nursery rhyme. And then ask them to retell the story with their Buddy as a main character. What would their Buddy do and how would the story change?