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Bouncing Buddies  - 100% NZ owned & operated!

Phone: 021 0294 6260


Address: Auckland, New Zealand




Q) How are Bouncing Buddies different to the cheaper imitation hoppers that can sometimes be bought at online auctions and fire-sales or at discount dollar stores?

A) There are so many differences... here are just a few: Bouncing Buddies are made from quality PVC that is 100% eco-friendly and non-toxic, we wouldn't trust the same for these cheap imitations. We stand behind our product quality with a 3 month warranty! Bouncing Buddies are also the only animal hoppers in NZ with an internal valve and an anti-burst feature which makes them suitable for 12+ months of age (no small parts that could be a choking hazard for babies or toddlers) - parental supervision required. Bouncing Buddies have been specially designed with child ergonomics in mind - including: slim and contoured bodies to fit the rider, strong feet to steady the bounce, perfectly positioned horns and ears for a good grip and some hand painted features for ultimate cuteness. Basically, you get what you pay for... and Bouncing Buddies are all about quality, safety and fun!!!  


Q) Why does my Buddy seem to deflate slightly after I first pump him/her up or after my little one has enjoyed a long and energetic bouncing session?

A) Bouncing Buddies are made from durable 100% eco-friendly and non-toxic PVC, the nature of which is to expand and stretch slightly when first inflated or if used "energetically". Don't worry, your Buddy is not leaking air, he/she may just require a top up pump for the first few days or from time to time (when required). If your Buddy looses most or all of his/her air within a 24 hour period then you may have a puncture - if caused by a product defect within the 3 month warranty period, then contact us for help. Please be careful not to bounce near sharp objects. Our Buddies are tough but they are not indestructible!


Q) Why does my Buddy have small smudges or marks on the body artwork? 

A) Bouncing Buddies are born in a factory and painted by a combination of machine and hand, which makes each one truly unique (just like you and me). The hand painting however does occasionally come with a little human error, which does not affect the functionality of your animal hopper - we appreciate your understanding on this matter! To keep your Buddy clean use soapy water and a mild detergent - but always carefully wash off all cleaning agents to ensure no damage to their unique markings.