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About Us / Our Vision

The busy and technology filled world that we live in today is a real challenge to childhood imagination. Did you know that two thirds of NZ infants watch up to 3 hours of TV a day... And by the age of 3-5, more children are able to navigate a smartphone (58%) than tie their own shoes (8%) – NZ Herald, 2014 

For healthy development young kids need to be active, using their imaginations, playing together and practicing core skills such as balance and coordination to help them build confidence. Our objective is to provide toys that make learning and development fun!

The new generation of bouncy hoppers is here!

Introducing... Bouncing Buddies. A clever redesign of the much loved moon-hoppers of the 1970's into a herd of amazingly cute inflatable bouncy animals for toddlers and preschoolers to keep them active and using their imaginations. We help them learn balance and coordination, develop strength and confidence and have fun playing together. Each Buddy has been specially designed with child ergonomics in mind: long ears or horns for a strong grip, a contoured body for good balance and robust feet to steady the bounce.

We are New Zealands original animal hoppers, 100% NZ owned and operated.

Our Vision is for Bouncing Buddies to become an iconic childhood toy that helps develop more active and imaginative children. 

We encourage parents to take our “fun challenge” which comes with a promise: invest in your child’s healthy development and we guarantee that you’ll end up having as much fun as them!


Nicky Dickinson

Bouncing Buddies Manager


Bouncing Buddies Are