It seems as though every few months a new toy arrives on the market that proves to be something that all the children in the world can’t wait to get their hands on!


But, is there actually a way that we can predict what will be the next ‘big’ toy craze? What is it that kids love about these toys so much that makes them go absolutely bonkers for them? Below, we will look at some of the areas that may influence how popular that a toy may become in the near future.



The first characteristic of a toy craze item is that it must be unique. Kids will not be attracted to something that already exists and will be looking for something that catches their attention in a different way. Being unique is one of the most important factors to consider when you are looking for the next toy craze.


Be Shareable or Tradable

It seems that the majority of toys that are extremely popular are those that can be shared with friends or traded to complete a collection. Some of the most popular examples of this would be baseball cards, Pokémon cards and ‘Bandz’, which are interestingly, shaped rubber band bracelets that children wear. All of these items are ones that kids are able to trade with their friends and that come in a variety of different styles and designs.


Be Universal

Another factor that is important to consider is whether the toy can be used by both boys and girls. While there are many toys that become popular for one gender or the next, most toys that wind up being the most popular are able to cross gender lines. These are the toys that are cool enough to be played with by boys, but also something that girls will enjoy as well. These days, manufacturers are becoming more creative in this area and have recently developed many toys that have been popular for both boys and girls. These are the best toys to look towards when you are trying to predict the next toy craze.



In the end, it is nearly impossible to determine what the next toy craze will be! While many of these assumptions may help you to predict the next toy that kids will go crazy over. Many times, the specific toys that quickly become popular are not even marketed strongly. Instead, they appear to become popular based upon word of mouth instead.


Our Vision is for Bouncing Buddies to become an iconic childhood toy for kiwi kids helping them learn core motor skills such as balance and coordination, strength and confidence and to play together using their imaginations. Thanks for reading this post. We’d love to hear your thoughts & comments?